Aiyu Sake brewing Ltd.

Founded culture year,
Sake brewery in the Itako Ibaraki.


Since its inception, Ai Sake Brewery has contributed to the food culture and lifestyle culture of consumers through the manufacture and sale of sake.

In the Itako Town facing the Tachikogen – gawa district, the flower street boundary was flourishing as a towering transportation hosting place to and from the Tohoku region to Edo.

Currently, it has a calm atmosphere as a water and green water districts grown in Kitaura and Lake Kasumigaura, and in June June it is crowded with tourists in June. Founded in the history and poetically rich poet Sukutai at the end of the Edo era that was also loved by many literatious guests, “Love friends”, which was founded by the first Changzhou, meaning to love friends and to complain about each other, The founder’s will, “Shihama everyone brothers” that everyone happily drinks and drinks, inherited the tradition of sake making widely loved by many people under the spirit of small signs, has been nurtured by the local people.

Natural blessing,

Contact with people,

A rich living that spreads through sake,

Origin of spirit of Kuramoto

That is our wish.


From the Edo era, it is a shop that was familiar with the name of “Kotomo”.

Based on the skills cultivated through craftsmanship, love friendship sake brewed in 1804,

the first year of culture, this sake brewery was founded in the history

and poetically rich poppy seaside by the first generation and the regular seven.


Company name Aiyu Sake brewing Ltd.
Foundation 1804 (first year of culture)
Establishment May 1, 1964
Representative The eighth owner Rikaco kanehira
Address 205, Tsuji, Itako city, Ibaraki Prefecture 311-2421

Access map

Train20 minutes on foot from JR Joban Line Itako Station
CarEast Kanto Auto Road It is 5 minutes by car from Itako IC

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