Aiyu Sake brewing Ltd.

Founded culture year,
Sake brewery in the Itako Ibaraki.

About Aiyu’s Liquor

Commitment to “water”Blessing of Shimizu

One of the seven wells (Oou) the clear water springs out like breathing from the bottom of the white sand.

This water vein including optimum mineral contents for sake making supports the living of the people of the tide from the ancient times, and in the Edo era, like the names of places such as the Sendai River Bank and the Tsugaru River Bridge, the names of the Tohoku region are turned to Edo It has flourished as a major source of water transport.

In the town of the waterside where the “married boat” is still in and around, Aisuke Shuzo is making local sake that is loved by friends, thinking about the face of people who love alcohol as its name suggests.

Sticking to “rice”

in preparation.

White wall reflecting home

Shingu shrine (Suzuri only) shrine that worships the god that Yoritomo used to pray for the victory at Kashima Shrine.

While listening to the venerable royal trees of the temple, which is also the guardian of the warehouse,
his lover’s sake has been brewed without fail for over two hundred years.

As the appearance of the warehouse which has reflected the various times
and the emotional thoughts has become unmistakably the home scenery of the wonderful family,
as a local celebration sake, also as a local celebration liquor,
sometimes as a sake to cure sadness People’s lives I engraved a long history while deeply involved.

Initial intention to create only things that live with the area, has been inherited through this white wall collection.

A rich offering fills the heart

Good water, good rice, and skills of Du.
I can not drink sake that can lack any of these. Daiginjo and Jun Rin Ginjo, which Mr. Minami Takeshi and Ichiro Tada put in with Tanaka, have gained high acclaim in Japan as well as overseas in recent years. “If you open your heart and share their drinks with each other, people around the world will be able to see each other’s brothers.” “Shihama everyone’s brothers” is a company-minded company since the company’s foundation.

I want to fill a heart of drinkers with charm of local sake so that many small streams gather together into a big river and eventually connect to the world by pouring into the ocean · · · with such wishes in Japan, Ibaraki ‘s waterside I am training daily on town and at the beginning.

Nanbu-toji Ichiro tada

Born in 1950
 from Miyagori-cho, Tono-city, Iwate Prefecture

Heisei 4 years to 25 years

・Mr. Nambu Ninju Self-Jo Liquor Contest 20 times

・Kanto Shin-Etsu National Tax Bureau Code Fair 18 times

・National New Liquor Conference 10th Gold Award 6th Silver Award

・Saitama Prefecture New Alcohol Contest 20th Gold Award 15 Special Technology Excellence Award

A word from Toji

There is an inexhaustible existence in life, and there are always sake and sake. Wajo Yoshishu, I will do my best to provide delicious sake that everyone can drink with pleasure.

What’s Nanbu toji

It says toji from Nanbuhan (the former territory of Nanbushi: Iwate Prefecture), and it is counted among Echigotoji, Tanbatoji, and Japan’s top three major toji.

The history of Naubutoji is old, and it is said that the reason was that Omi Merchant Murai Konbei invited Toji from Ikeda in Settsu (Osaka) in Enraku 6 (1678).

Since the land of Naubu has long been cold and snow-covered area, sake brewing has been carried out by devising devices.It is said that the skill and intuition of toji and others were improved by the culture, and I learned how to make Naubu’s own delicious bowl.

Record of awards

In order to provide you with better products, Aiyu Shuzo has been actively participating in
book conferences, Monde selection, and competitions.