Founded culture year,
Sake brewery
in the Itako Ibaraki.

Company policy

Four Seas brothers

Since its establishment, Aiyu Shuzo has made and sold sake.
We have contributed to the food culture and life culture of all of our consumers.

The town of Shiori, facing the Honshu Tone River,
goes from the Tohoku region to Edo It flourished as a water transportation post,
and the flower district limit was also showing signs of excitement.

Currently, it is a water and green water town that was
raised in Kitaura and Kasumigaura. It has a gentle atmosphere,
and it is crowded with tourists in June when it is blooming in the evening.

This history was loved by many literary people
The “Aiyu”, founded by poetic sentimental water village Shiori,
was founded by the late Edo period.
It means that you love your friend, and that you have a sympathetically
Friends and everyone enjoy drinking alcohol,
Founder's will be widely loved by many people under the spirit of
"all four brothers" small mark Inheriting the sake brewing tradition,
it has been nurtured and supported by the locals.

Blessings of Nature, Contact with People,
A rich life that spreads through alcohol,
the origin of the spirit of the storehouse That is our wish.

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Shinsen's grace

Shinsen's grace

Ayame blooming waterslide tide coming.

In this city of water, I was renounced and inherited
Sophisticated "love friend" liquor.
The "spring water" and "rice" that are born from the rich soil
And the surety of "Mr. Tsuji's technique" is my friend's sake maker.

It has been passed over from generation to
generation for a long time I think there is a good deal.

About Aiyu’s Liquor

“If you open your mind to drink sake, you
People are all brothers and sisters.
Aitomo Shuzo is a company
official since its inception of
"The Four Seas Brothers".

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