Aiyu Sake brewing Ltd.

Founded culture year,
Sake brewery in the Itako Ibaraki.

Aiyu Daiginjo Kanko Exhibition Liquor.


Aiyu Daiginjo Kanko Exhibition Liquor.

In wooden box (original sake) on sale.

1,800ml:10,000yen(tax included)/720ml:5,000yen(tax included)

The same as the state where Daiginjo built with love was exhibited at the screening conference,
After squeezing, it is the original sake that was used for burning without reserving water.
This item is limited in quantity.

Used rice: Yamada bowl(from Hyogo prefecture)100% use

rice milling rate: 38%

Alcoholity: 17.5%

Japanese sake: +3.5

acidity: 1.2

Amino Acid: 0.5

「Recommended way to drink」

rockcoolroom temperatureTepidHot
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