Aiyu Sake brewing Ltd.

Founded culture year,
Sake brewery in the Itako Ibaraki.

Aiyu Daiginjo

Aiyu's highest peak.

Aiyu Daiginjo

Kanto Shin-Etsu National Tax Service Alcoholic Convention Contest Excellence Award.

1,800ml:9,700 yen〈External tax〉/720ml:3,880 yen〈External tax〉

Use rice:Yamada brocade (made in Hyogo-ken)

Milling rate:38%

Alcohol percentage:16%

The degree of sake:+1-+3


Amino acid:0.4-0.7

☆ Award history ☆

Heisei 28, 2016

◎Nanbu-Toji “Honors Award” of the Liquor Sake Evaluation Committee Ginjo

◎National New Sake Evaluation Committee “prize”

◎International Wine Challenge 2016 SAKE department “gold medal” in Ginjo Daiginjo

◎International Wine Challenge 2016 SAKE Division “Itaco Trophy” of Ginjo Daiginjo

◎Ibaraki Sake Committee 2016 “first place” in the Ginjo

◎Kanto Shin-etsu National Tax Bureau Liquor Evaluation Committee “Excellence Award”

「Recommended way to drink」


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