Aiyu Sake brewing Ltd.

Founded culture year,
Sake brewery in the Itako Ibaraki.

Aiyu Junmai Daiginjo Bizen Yucho

SAKE COMPETITION 2016 First place.

Aiyu Junmai Daiginjo Bizen Yucho

Now on sale.

1,800 ml: 4,630 yen〈External tax〉/720 ml: 2,315 yen〈External tax〉

We use 100% of “Omachi” from Okayama Prefecture.

Used Rice:Bisen-Omachi100% use.

Milling rate:50%

Alcohol percentage:15%

The degree of sake:-2


Amino acids:0.9

☆Award Winning☆

Heisei 28, 2016

◎Nanbu-Toji Liquor Sake Evaluation Committee Junmai Ginjo “honors Award”

◎International Wine Challenge SAKE Department of Pure Rice Daiginjo “Silver medal”

◎SAKE COMPETITION 2016 Junmai daiginjo “1st prize”

◎The 8th male Town Summit Ginjo “honors Award”

◎Ibaraki Prefecture Sake Evaluation Committee 2016 Junmai “No. 1”

◎”Excellence Award” in the Kanto Shinetsu National Tax Bureau Liquor Evaluation Committee Junmai

「Recommended way to drink」


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